Updating shortcut files batch

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Below are the steps required for creating a shutdown, restart, and hibernate shortcut.

To shutdown the computer type the below line in the location text field.

Finally, it will ask you for the root folder which you would like to begin the search (and replace).

If you run in verbose mode, you will be prompted to say 'yes' for each shortcut you'd like to change.

I had to figure this out as a part of a Gold Mine Enterprise CRM upgrade.

After it has finished, it will present you with an HTM of the changes that were made.

This script only works with single instances of a string - if there are more than one instance, the script will change the first instance.

The shortcut-altering program should be 'recursive', as the shortcuts are buried in subdirectories within the main shortcut folder. change"C:\shortcuts501\(image file)"to"C:\work\shortcuts501\(image file)"Anyone here interested in writing a program that can accomplish the task? It's not really that I'm "moving" the first set of images.

I just used that as an understandable illustration.

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