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The person she was married to and then divorced may have since (after the divorce) passed away.

The woman would not be considered a widow, because they were not married at the time.

Since the marriage vow is until death, an annulment is not necessary.

Of course a person may choose to seek an annulment in such a case.

Even the thought of dating after a divorce or annulment is enough to cause shudders in the lives of those who understand what that truly means, and yet there comes a time in the lives of most divorced Catholics to ask whether or not to begin dating again.

Pressure from society, even from loving, well-meaning friends and family, often encourages the divorced to begin dating quickly after divorce.

Another option could be that a person married and divorced within the Protestant faith, or another non-Christian faith, but then later converted to Catholicism.

In that case, the original marriage would need to be examined for validity.

Thus, in any case of a marriage of two non-Catholics, the presumption is that a marriage is valid whether it was done before a judge or a minister of another faith.

Relocating means finding a new job in a new town far away.

For many who have been hurt by divorce, dating presents understandable challenges to trust, Beyond that, children are often thrown in the mix presenting more important considerations than any that revolve around two adults.

You will have gotten your hopes up for a situation that cannot come to pass.

You will have done the same thing to another person—your fiancée or fiancé—whom you profess to love.

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