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Some routers are blocked from responding to ICMP requests. I'm just an amateur network engineer, but whatever your issue with montreal2 might be, your Win MTR output doesn't show any "packet loss" to it.29% of the ICMP packets sent with a time to live that expires at te8-2.cr1aren't returned by that host, but 100% of those sent with a time to live that expires at montreal2 [67.2] are returned, with reasonably consistent round trip times, and that's what matters.As crazyk4952 said, some routers don't send ICMP replies.And some send them "only when they have the resources to do so", which is why you're not seeing 100% loss to that router.

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I've been coming on here for awhile and it never gets boring, and it's good that i can come on here and meet and talk with the same sorta people as me!!! x Ox I love TC, if it weren't for love counselors, I woulda never met Andi, and he's like my best friend man. i havent been coming here for long, but ive already met some unique n wonderful people here!

However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.

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I am addicted to this site it is so cool i have meet a lot of new friends including my best friend who i can really trust and love lots.... New people here almost everyday xoxo Teen chat is an absolutely awesome website, I've met so many cool people here especially in the Local Australia room where I've made many new friends and spoken to some of the most interesting people around. I've been on Teen Chat on and off for 4 years now, always new people and new trends to be had.

Wow i remember not long ago this use to be way different.

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