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But an early tap out leaves one of them alone in an attempt to survive for 16 days.Video: Duct Tape Bikini and Underwear | Spider Monkey Pee Attack | Naked Nightmare in Nicaragua | Trenchfoot on My Johnson (NSFW) | Naked Confessions: After the Nicaragua Nightmare Bios: Amanda Leigh and Joshua Bell Two survivalists try to survive for 21 days in the high altitude and extreme cold of the Himalayan foothills in northern India.It's tropical, with both rich history and exotic Latin culture that awakens your spicy side upon arrival.Travel experts say Nicaragua will rise to become a hotspot in 2015; it is, after all, home to Granada, aka the "Paris of Central America." At the same time, though, Nicaragua remains delightfully undiscovered.Heather, also known as Blue, was so down-to-Earth it took me a moment to register that she was the owner of the beautiful ranch in front of me.And her crew, cowgirls Amanda and Heather and cowboy Nick, were equally disarming in their charm.Each National Team includes four Open Men’s and two Open Women’s competitors.In these tired days of being bombarded by sub par web edits and bullshit, it takes subtle details to really get our attention, and holy shit did the forehand carve in the middle of this video (around :45) do just that.

And that memory is playing cowgirls and pirates with the crew at Rancho Chilamate. While most travelers spend their time plotting escapes to Europe or Southeast Asia, this little nugget sits unassumingly right under their noses (literally -- it's pretty much directly south, and a shorter flight than you'd think).And Nicaragua may just be the best nation in the bunch.Founded in the 1500s by Spanish conquerors, Granada is a treasure box of charm at the foot of a volcano.Visiting is a "trip back in time" to busy streets of colonial-style churches, homes and shops.

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