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Tebow's apostles took Friday's trade of Matt Barkley as a sign that he'd be the Eagles' No.3 quarterback, but the team has instead made the increasingly-common decision to go with only two signal callers.

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"Almost" a year hardly seems like enough time to get ready for a sport great athletes devote their entire lives to mastering, but perhaps they do not have the requisite amount of "work ethic" or "grit." Soon-to-be 29, Tebow's future resides in a broadcast booth.

Ever since Tebow broke into the college football scene he has always been a guy known for wearing his faith on his sleeve, or better yet on his eye-blacks.

During the 2009 Championship game, Tebow wore John on his eye black and it became one of the highest searched terms on Google, allowing thousands to hear the Gospel message, “.” Three years later when throwing for 316 yards in a playoff game the most searched Bible verse came up again, leading many to Christ. That is why a slogan for Unlocking the Bible is “The Power of the Open Book.” God’s Word is able to discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart, shows us our sin and need for the Savior, and revive the hearts of its readers.

He was born in the Philippines, to American parents.

He has English, German, some Irish and Scottish, and distant Belgian (Walloon), ancestry. His patrilineal line originates with Belgian immigrants.

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