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Music critics noted the lyrical theme as a response to the domestic violence case between Rihanna and her then-boyfriend, singer Chris Brown."Russian Roulette" received generally positive reviews from critics, with many praising Rihanna's vocal performance and the song's lyrics.You can’t get what you want without going after it! A Brazilian teenager died after shooting herself with her uncle's gun during a game of Russian Roulette.Written and produced by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony, "Russian Roulette" is a pop and R&B ballad that contains dark, morbid, and tense atmospheric elements in its composition.Lyrically, the single is about an abusive romantic relationship that ended abruptly.

I thought I might find light at the end of someone else’s approval, but all it brought was more shame, more people-pleasing.

Tip 1: Take a Great Profile Pic Our expert shares that you want your profile pic to show off your best features, like your eyes or smile.

You might want to consider taking a more or less demure shot, depending on what kind of relationship you’re looking for.

I thought the term ‘boundaries’ was used in a game of Rounders, and only facetious people said, “No.” I’m stunned I didn’t marry at least one of the four men with whom I had long-term relationships, considering I was so accustomed to becoming chameleon-like with whatever attention was in front of me.

My discernment gave me a thousand warning signs of such relationships, yet I was a flexible girl who allowed men to walk all over her along with a barrage of criticism and dishonesty whilst I justified their pot habits.

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