Updating sharepoint lists from ssis rowvalidating cancel

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This import routine can be automated via SQL Server Agent and scheduled to run at regular intervals to keep the Share Point list and relational database in sync.

That way, Share Point list data need not be a data island in the midst of an otherwise integrated data environment.

On the download page you will find two download links. Make sure to choose and download the correct package for your system. You can safely accept the warning and continue the setup. Share Point Connection Manager is an SSIS connection manager that can be used to establish connections with Microsoft Share Point's Web Services.

I have done it before, and I remember that it was easy, because I used Share Point List Data Connectors for SSIS from here: https://sqlsrvintegrationsrv.codeplex.com/releases/view/17652 Guys put a lot of effort there, and I used those adapters in couple of my projects.

It worked really well with Taxonomy fields and complex lookup fields, what I think makes those connectors the best out there. I was so disappointed, so I started looking for other projects and I found another implementation, where SP Client Object model was used, but quality of data wasn’t good enough.

So first upload the excel file to the document library then run the workflow to update/Add the item in excel to list.

The workflow action will read the data from the excel then copy to the list items.

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