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So far, around 50 people have signed up, ranging from ultra-Orthodox to conservative Jews.The site's founder, who goes by the name Eran, reportedly started the underground website after a Facebook post he wrote seeking a platonic wife went viral last year, inspiring friends and strangers alike to contact him in search of a similar relationship."Donald Trump is best placed to end the tyranny of political correctness in this country," said Yiannopoulos."Many Trump supporters and Republicans have their challenges with the gay thing.But there's a world of difference between refusing to bake a cake and opening fire [on a gay nightclub]." Despite Yiannopoulos's offer of friendship between gays and conservatives, the 2016 Republican presidential platform remains stunningly anti-gay—even for the GOP.It includes language in support of gay conversion therapy and asserts that a "traditional two-parent household" is best for children.Ron Yosef, an activist who founded the Israeli LGBTQ organization Hod for religious Jews, told Mic he knows Eran but has mixed feelings about his matchmaking project.I once lived in a conservative environment, and experienced the same difficulty in meeting other gays like me.

You might not have expected the crowd at a rally outside the Republican National Convention to cheer an out-and-proud gay man who bragged about his good looks and sex life.It also calls for the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to be overturned.In an interview with earlier today, long-time Trump friend and supporter Roger Stone pointed out that once the convention is over, Trump will be free to disregard aspects of the platform with which he disagrees.To begin your Compatible Partners’ experience, register now and complete your Relationship Questionnaire.Once you've completed the questionnaire, you will receive your FREE Personality Profile and at that time, our matching system will begin pre-screening gay singles against your profile.

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