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A study published by the National Crime Agency in UK in 2016 confirmed that sexual assaults linked to online dating platforms such as Tinder have increased six-fold over the last five years, describing online dating as an emerging threat.It noted that the statistics showed that serious sexual assaults that were carried out by strangers have been initiated through online dating, and the offenses happened during the first face-to-face meeting.

It gives the users a more practical and accessible way to meet possible partners, he said."It's understandable why some people have embraced the somewhat liberated idea about love."The three guests all agreed that marketing is key to be successful in the online dating scene.

MANILA, Philippines—The suicide of 17-year-old British mechanic Daniel Perry in July last year led police to an international cybercrime syndicate based in the Philippines, and the eventual arrest of 58 people allegedly involved in “sextortion,” the Philippine National Police said on Friday.

“The Police Scotland investigators conducted a digital forensic examination of Perry’s computers and found that he had been a victim of extortionists,” said Senior Supt.

The multination operation, dubbed “Strike Back,” was carried out with the assistance of the US Homeland Security and the police authorities of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In simultaneous raids on Wednesday, agents of the PNP and the International Police (Interpol) swooped down on the syndicate’s “call centers” located in the Bicol region, Laguna and Bulacan provinces and Taguig City, arrested 58 people, and seized more than 250 laptops, computers, mobile phones, identification cards, documents, storage devices, credit and automated teller machine cards, pornographic materials, cameras and closed-circuit TV cameras.

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