Devotions for dating couples

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I skimmed through the assignments and gasped in disbelief. His paper was eloquent and heart wrenching; in short, it was the best first paper I’d read from a student in years.

This man subsequently went on to publish a book of essays dealing with his childhood.

When we look at things, we often see what they currently are, and not what they can be.

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With so many challenges in life, it is very easy for us to want to take charge and try to handle everything ourselves, but in the end we find ourselves worse off, and crying for the Help of the Lord, who is always faithful...

As the students filed into class, I winced as I saw “Homeless” take a seat and pull a notebook out of his bag. “He’ll probably need remedial training; I bet he can’t string two sentences together.” The man didn’t say a word during that first class.

At the end of the three hours, I collected some paragraphs I had assigned to the students earlier that evening in which they were to describe a childhood experience that had affected them as adults.

His flannel shirt was torn, and his jeans were dirty.

“He’s probably homeless,” I thought, moving on into the building.

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