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Rather: something going wrong was simply not an option.Sandra Bullock was pinioned in a small frame, positioned so her head, encased in a hi-tech helmet filled with markers and laser beams, sat at the very centre of an elevated, nine foot-by-nine foot cube, its walls formed from flickering LEDs.The force is currently led by Chief Constable Dave Thompson.The force area is divided into ten Local Policing Units (LPUs), each being served by four core policing teams – Response, Neighbourhood, Investigation and Community Action & Priority (CAPT) – with the support of a number of specialist crime teams.She was quite rude an unfortunately I ended up leaving quite upset.This was last year now but still annoys me a little My sonographer did all the necessary checks, then asked me if I wanted to know the sex so I didn't have to ask, but would have if she hadn't!

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I have my 20 week coming up soon and I want to know the sex.

Except this one was modified to carry a camera, which the robot, named Iris, operated with untrembling precision under the command of a technician hunched over a computer nearby.

As conceived by Mexican writer-director Alfonso Cuarón, master of this quietly state-of-the-art facility, and his two lieutenants Emmanuel ' Chivo' Lubezki (director of photography) and Tim Webber (visual effects supervisor), the ensuing shot would require Iris to whizz along the track at 20mph and stop a mere inch from the immovable Bullock's nose.

Was going to take a cheeky stab at asking but I might just get the cold shoulder and that would be upsetting. With both of mine I waited until sonographer had done all necessary checks they had to and then casually asked if they could tell the sex of the baby.

I think as long as you dont annoy them when they are doing the important stuff they are quite happy to answer any questions you have including the sex of the baby.

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