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After her latest “don’t be a Beer Snob” comment I have been thinking about what it actually means to be a ‘Beer Snob.’ And more importantly why do I hate to be called one?

Being a Beer Snob is being the exact opposite of everything that is great about beer.

It includes everything I feel would be useful in putting together a beer travel itinerary: links to brewery websites, Beer Advocate profiles for each brewery, full lists (including name, style, and ABV) of beers produced by each brewery, relevant historical snippets, addresses, and integration with Google maps for directions.Birch Beer Dating back to the late 1800s, this American carbonated drink (usually nonalcoholic) is flavored with an extract from birch bark. Sarsaparilla Originally derived from the dried roots of tropical smilax vines, this flavor is usually associated with a carbonated drink popular in the mid-1800s.Todays sarsaparilla products - including the no-longer-popular soft drink - use artificial flavorings.While I may not like a certain beer, chances are that it is someone’s number 1, all time favorite, mouthwatering, beer soul mate and that is pretty cool.So after many days of contemplation and sucking down several Bud Lights (just to prove to my girlfriend that I am not the Beer Snob she claims me to be) I have finally decided what it means to be a Beer Snob, and what it means to simply be a Beer Lover.

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