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Here are three tips that let your pivot table expand to fit the available data.

To create a dynamic range for a pivot table, you need to use the OFFSET function.

Dim sh Brand Pivot As Worksheet Dim sh Current Week As Worksheet Dim sh Prior Week As Worksheet Dim sh Pivot As Worksheet Dim lr As Long Set sh Brand Pivot = Active Workbook. Sheets("Current Week") Set sh Prior Week = Active Workbook.

To keep the pivot table up-to-date, you have 3 choices: Another way to update is to set the pivot table to refresh when you open the file that it’s in.

If any other pivot tables in the workbook have an “Items” filter, the “Select Multiple Items” setting for those fields will also change.

The multiple pivot table filtering works with event programming.

In this version of the sample file, the “Select Multiple Items” setting is also changed, to match the setting that is in the pivot table that you changed.

In the screen shot below, the Item field has the “Select Multiple Items” setting turned off.

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