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NEW YORK—Saying it would mark a significant change in the company’s direction, Paradigm Marketing CEO Paul Dannon announced Monday a bold new plan that was evidently intended to undo the havoc caused by last year’s bold new plan.MINNEAPOLIS—Explaining how the company remains innovative in a fast-paced industry, executives from Digi Vista Media told reporters Wednesday that the marketing firm consistently positions itself on the leading edge of what its competitors have been doing for the past few years. talking to myself as well, BRAVO” as he laughs at his own soliloquy.They move to a nice quiet town and their adopted son is a very nice kid.But isn’t Dean a bit young to be playing Shotgun Dad?Inspired by an awesome youtube video title “Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover - Destiel adopts Stiles and Sterek Happens”.ATLANTA—In an unprompted act of generosity from one coworker to another, Spryte Logistics employee Ben Graham reportedly took the initiative to share one of Emily Fehrman’s ideas with their boss on Friday, saving her the time and effort of doing it herself.WASHINGTON—Reflecting qualified support for legislation aimed at protecting minors, a Gallup poll released Wednesday found that while an overwhelming majority of Americans approve of child labor laws, most also said that kids carrying around briefcases would undeniably be cute.

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From the start, Gamergate was a village bicycle for any and every conservative and/or reactionary pundit, who tagged along in order to attack feminists and "social justice warriors" (by which they mean "people who aren't reactionaries"), as well as fool as many people as possible into being recruited to the alt-right.

Stiles Stilinski was standing in front of the mirror debating where his life went wrong; he kept staring at his pale naked form and sticking his stomach out just to see what he’d look like. After getting his dream job, he is ready to shoot his very first collection .... TW AU: Stiles’ dad “dies” in the line of duty just before his sophomore year. SPN FUTRFIC/AU: Once life calms down Dean and Cas decide to settle down, Cas even talks Dean into adopting.

Coincidentally Hale is also his mum's friend from school and more than happy to meet him. Even if he is wary of all the new people entering his life, he accepts what he can’t change, and he finds two great guys who understand.

TAMPA, FL—Saying that sitting in the same boardroom together still feels completely surreal, former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter told reporters Thursday that he had finally fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting a business venture with Jeb Bush.

LOS ANGELES—Weighing the pros and cons of the palm-muted low-E-string lick, Metallica’s 12-member board of directors reportedly debated Wednesday whether lead guitarist Kirk Hammet’s newest riff might negatively impact the band’s shareholder value.

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