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I don't feel the excitement, sadness or the memorable scenes when i'm watching it compared POTW. the drama is very well done from beginning until episode 31, just to be ruined by the disappointing ending it leaves the viewers hanging and hoping for something to happen. Poor Jung and prince Gwanghae have to live life without each other and only having memories of each other constantly playing in thier minds.. Really a shame the way they ended it, and killed off Kim Tae Do.

She also acted in movies including 1951's Show Boat and 1954 film The Last Time I Saw Paris, starring Elizabeth Taylor.Radio program writer Song Ji-Hye (Nam Sang-Mi) has a pure outlook, that could be construed naive, but also self-assertive. I at first did not understand some reactions by audiences (one, between "Kakashi & Jo Anne that was a LOT of fun to read): I did not understand the view that Song Ji-Hye failed as a Goddess of Marriage, because she could not (pardon my description) 'tough it out' in the "Kim Empire", so to speak.She dreams of having a soulmate, but worries about the difference between reality and an ideal love. Her need to reconnect with her own aspirations as a human being, and inability to become an 'appendage' of the "Kim Empire" without 'killing' a part of her soul, is seen as failure, because, after all, and as is implied by the K/Jo A exchange I read, "Who would not willingly 'kill' their own soul for the chance to be the wife of Kang Tae-Wook (or rather, the young man who plays this character). Kim's (the actor) entire interpretation of his character, and indeed, his great presentation of walking the line between ruthless prince of the empire, and true husband who sends his wife away so that her soul will not die, he also does an incredible job in the tearful-hugging scene in episode 35.) But, of course, being the ignorant new-comer to K-dramas that I am, I was rooting for the character of Kim Hyun-Woo (which I also wish had had more depth...) BUT, the point of this post is : as the series wore on, I came to see that the real suspense, the real question posed by the series is "Who is the first Goddess of marriage?nurtured and worshiped without taking, expecting or demanding anything from them.A goddess’ energies and voice are all powerful and are respected and welcomed with gratitude.

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