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These solutions would arguably be more terse and efficient in some cases.

I don't have anything against the standard library.

User comment: Changing flat tire in 28°WEATHER with no street light. Features -Maximize screen brightness -Change color of flash light -Normal Flash : Screen Flashliht, Camera LED flashlight -Useful light effects : Text, Scroll, Slide -Emergency light effects : Strobe, Police, Emergency -Fun flashlight effects : Candle, Disco, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral Have you ever tried to use your phone's screen as a beacon of light, only to find it's just not bright enough?When programming in Python, these collections of things are usually represented as lists, sets and dictionaries.Oftentimes, what I want to do with collections is to transform them in various ways.In other words, all features are available to all members and it's 100% free! Meet users from all around the world or meet users that might be living within 5 minutes of you - there are unlimited possibilities to who you will meet.Free to browse member profiles and photos, make high quality video call or message other members!

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