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Also applied to the Royal Logistic Corps in general, even though their duties include everything from catering to bomb-disposal as well as storekeeping.(US Navy) A snipe hunt (see 'pad-eye cleaner') that new sub crewmembers are often sent on in a false emergency, only to find that the DCA is a person--the Damage Controls Assistant, a junior officer usually.(US Air Force) A general term for active duty Air Force personnel, often used when distinguishing between a mixed environment of Air Force active duty and Department of Defense civilians and contractors.1.

(US Air Force) Things and people related to the time when the Air Corps was a subsidiary unit of the US Army.

Naval officers were invited to Levee's given by the First Lord of the Admiralty [1812-1827] 2nd Viscount Melville, when in the comfort and security of his abode, he kept the officers up to date about what was being discussed by Their Lordships at Admiralty Board meetings.Performs aviation unit (AVUM), intermediate (AVIM), and depot maintenance on the AH-64 electrical and instrument systems and the electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneudraulics systems associated with AH-64 armament/missile and fire control systems.Supervises, inspects, and performs aviation unit, intermediate, and depot maintenance on the AH-64D armament, electrical, and avionic systems, to include the electrical, electronic, mechanical, and pneudraulics systems associated with AH-64D armament/missile fire control systems.Airdrop Systems Technician is a warrant officer position which is responsible for providing commanders and their staff with guidance on conducting or receiving airborne or airdrop operations.They are also responsible for supervising the inspection and packing of parachutes, removing unservicable parachutes from inventory, and supervise maintenance of airdrop equipment.

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