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May you never date such a garbage fire of a man again.

Last week, a dean at Yale University was placed on leave for using the term in a Yelp review.

In another restaurant review, Chu wrote: 'I guess if you were a white person who has no clue what mochi is, this would be fine for you.'Chu also gave a scathing review of a New Haven cinema saying the staff were 'barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese and also try to add plus .'In a review of a local gym, Chu called an employee 'the rudest person and just full of attitude'.

She added: 'Seriously I don't care if you would 'lose your job' (I am sure Mc Donald's would hire you).' The social psychologist - who once said she valued 'views on diversity, equity, partnerships, and academic success' - issued an apology and deleted her Yelp account after the reviews drew backlash and started circulating among Yale students.

“My family grew up in mobile homes, and people just associate it as being where all the drug people with bad clothes are. People who are called white trash “are poor folks who seek the benefit of whiteness but don’t have the means to live it in a substantive way,” said Eddie Glaude, chairman of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University.

'My remarks were wrong.''There are no two ways about it.

OK, so there was something a bit off between you and your trash ex-boyfriend, and that thing was the fact that he was TRASH.

Maybe he didn't straight up cheat on you, but you still deserve someone who will treat you like the goddamn Queen that you are. When you say you have a trash ex-boyfriend you are NOT exaggerating.

“White trash," Wray said, gets dropped into polite conversation all the time by highly educated people as if it were not a term of abuse.

The phrase conveys a sense of superiority in evidence during the election, when Trump voters were dismissed by elites as white trash, said Temple sociologist Judith Levine. Marco Rubio’s campaign staff referred to Trump followers by that very term.

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