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Here are a few of the Barn Finds on display at the Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals in Chicago in 2014. Oil cooler is still there and so is the smog stuff! I have been told that these cars were sold after these photos were taken and the cars are in the hands of a knowledgeable buyer.Got any pictures you would like to add to our site? One of the first 50 Cobra Jet 428 CJ cars built in 1968. A good friend of ours, Lou Whitfield out in Bakersfield, CA just scored a neat find.Some see the shadows of people (possibly the spirits of the restless Indians) rushing past their windows at night, but investig ate to find no one outside.In several homes, people have reported hearing footsteps late at night in hallways or on stairs, doors slamming shut by themselves, voices calling out their names, electrical equipment going on and off by itself, and even the sound of someone or something running through the house.

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But the next morning he found claw marks down the banister of the porch.

The two have had several hauntings reported over the last two decades.

At night, dark figures have been seen scurrying about in the woods on the outskirts of the neighborhoods.

The officers noticed that Bubba was acting strangely, so they called Animal Control to investigate.

Tests later confirmed that Bubba had meth and heroin in his blood.

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