Cancer woman and dating

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Finding it hard to handle your emotional Cancer partner?Make use of our Love Ask A Question service to make sense of your questions and get clear and pointed answers to them to make your relationship better.Jupiter is exalted in your sign, and describes, to an astrologer, why you put "the good things in life" on a pedestal.Two Cancer people form one of the happiest couples in the Zodiac.It also gives other sensitivities; you can be touchy on the one hand, and somewhat psychic on the other.Both are Cardinal - The Cardinal quality represents leadership and motivation; this is why neither of you are adverse to working for what you get, or to being proud of what you have.

Inside every Moonchild female is a potential mother and wife, who longs to keep the home fires burning.

Many will satisfy that instinct with pets, and become cat ladies.

Others will open up to that desire, especially if they meet someone that has the substance she craves.

The peace-loving Cancer woman can be very passionate.

However, she can be very stubborn and her emotions can be very confusing for others.

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