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Administrative Assistant, Pittsburgh, PA – Seeking strong communicators with experience using Microsoft Excel to support office administrators.Help Desk Associate, Philadelphia, PA – Seeking technically-oriented candidates in customer service.An updated pipe bender computer card system is also available that gives all the necessary bend data from automobile and light trucks from as far back as 1960!Equiptool has serviced and refurbished this used BB-1 pipe bender to meet OEM specifications for quality assurance.

"What can Puerto Rican people point to with pride in Philadelphia that they built or achieved?Many are dominated by anonymous trolls who treat them like the digital equivalent of a rest-stop bathroom stall waiting to be defaced. Last week, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman announced a plan to crack down on the "most toxic users" in a Trump forum that has featured abusive comments, fake news, and racism. "People we always joked were probably living in their mother's basements while writing this are now making us frighteningly aware that they are everywhere." Recent comments posted to an Armstrong column about the election of Donald Trump were so abusive that black male readers volunteered to act as her security team during public events.Women are the most-frequent targets, according to a study published by the Guardian in April that analyzed 70 million comments left on the British news organization's site since 2006. "They were concerned about my safety based on what they read online," Armstrong said. Can comment sections survive in the hyperpartisan Trump era?Condition: Used/Refiurbished Brand: Bend-Pak Model: Blue Bullet BB-1 At last, the Bend Pak Blue Bullet BB-1 pipe bender designed by muffler people for muffler people.The Bend Pak Blue Bullet BB-1 Pipe Bender has a leg operated control lever which is located up front to keep hands free and two separate end finishing units are located on the rear of the pipe bending machine for all necessary pipe/tube flaring and pipe/tube expanding.

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