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When it comes to his musical contributions, Chuck Berry's legacy is safe. Louis should be and is proud to claim Berry as one of its own for performing a slew of iconic tunes. While Berry may have done much to lay the groundwork for modern rock and roll, that's not to say he's lived an error-free life. He was, after all, incarcerated near the height of his fame for transporting a minor over state lines.He later served more time in jail in the late 1970s for income tax evasion.This scenario is unfortunate, and often unnecessary, considering that the behaviour is one that is easier to manage than most owners think.The first thing that dog owners must understand is that there are many causes of inappropriate urination in the dog.

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Many people don’t understand why cats spray so they don’t understand how to effectively deal with it.

Pinning down the cause is often half the battle, since identifying the problem helps us to select the appropriate treatment and greatly increase the odds of its success.

The second thing that dog owners must know is that dogs do not urinate indoors to upset humans; dogs to please humans.

He also agreed to pay ,000 to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Several biographic accounts state that the scandal reaped a significant financial toll on Berry.

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