Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

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Synopsis from Dramawiki: Aoishi Hanae is set to turn 30.She works for a general trading company and has never taken a day off or been late for work.By Cheong Poh Kwan Japanese beauty Haruka Ayase held everyone in the media spellbound when she was here recently to promote Japanese skincare brand SKII.Although the voluptuous actress did not show a hint of cleavage in her cream-coloured draped dress, she still shone effortlessly with her glowing complexion and delicate features.Due to many things, Kanjani fans disliked Serina dating Okura.On the other hand, Yoshitaka was reportedly dating RADWIMP's Yojiro up until they broke up last year.But all she could say about the veteran actor was, "He had my respect as a co-actor." As for Takuya Kimura, her co-star in the 2009 drama Mr Brain, Haruka said he was very strict and responsible on set, and she has learnt a lot from his professionalism. Wine, Dine&Unwind: Boars go from curse to cuisine Health: Japan culls chickens in key poultry farming area Motoring: Mitsubishi Motors to target Brazil, India Digital: Japan's top web forum an outlet for free speech ?

In one of the fights against a yazuka a sword-phobia samurai name Fujihara (Osawa Takao) tries to protect her, but she ends up saving him.

is about a blind woman (Ayase Haruka) who travels around with a shamisen after being dismissed by her clan for something that wasn't her fault.

While wandering around and having no home to return to, she tries to find her mentor.

When asked if she will play up her sex appeal in her future works upon a director's request, Haruka said: "I have shot a mineral water commercial in bikini before.

I guess if the character that I'm playing and the theme of the drama or movie call for it, I don't mind being sexy." The doe-eyed actress is rumoured to be dating Takao Osawa, her co-star in the 2008 movie Ichi and the 2009 drama Jin.

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