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Before departing give your friends and family a detailed itinerary and the contact details of both your hotel and the other person.

Stay in constant touch with people back home through emails and phone calls.

Some blame an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality for why many long-distance relationships seem to fail, but recent studies have found that the separation can be a great advantage for couple satisfaction.

One thing is clear though— it's never easy to keep a long-distance relationship afloat, and it can often take extra finesse to keep the spark alive.

A long distance relationship (or LDR for short) is considered long distance when communication opportunities are restricted because of geographic distance and the partners in the relationship desire a continued, close connection. It is important to determine the rules and terms of the relationship before the separation takes place.

But it takes work on both ends of the relationship in order for the relationship to remain intact.

Lack of trust can lead to doubt, jealousy, suspicion, and paranoia.

To reduce such confusion, engage in open and honest communication about the separation and discuss what each of you wants from the relationship.

Preparing for your video chat requires a little bit of technical skill and setup, but it can mean the difference between a successful conversation and a flop.

From the parent company of AIM, AV by AOL lends itself well to connecting quickly for everyone from people on online dating sites looking to measure compatibility to the couple engaged in a long distance relationship.

Fostering a relationship is hard, especially if you are separated by miles or even time restraints.

While there are many great tips for maintaining long distance relationships out there, devoting time to a face-to-face chat is easier than ever with the proliferation of great video chat sites and services available.

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