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Starting with this edition, Reflections and Expectations will go from a monthly series to a quarterly series.

Four editions will be published each year with new posts at the end of each March, June, September and December.

Peter Pantages was Founder and President of the Polar Bear Club for over 50 years and was succeeded by his son, Basil, after his death in 1971.Artefacts include reels of unique 16mm film footage from the 1940s, letterpress posters, scrapbooks, gala programmes, badges, competition adverts, letters, photographs and newspaper cuttings are among the fascinating items to be properly documented and conserved.The legacy of Floating Memories will be an archive at East Sussex Records Office, a film archive at Screen Archive South East, a permanent exhibition at the Brighton Fishing Museum and the website will allow the heritage of swimming and sea bathing in Brighton to be available for everyone to discover and enjoy. With immense effort I can ACT as if I don't feel obliged; but that stress makes me sick. I have to face it: I see these rich, happy, healthy, beautiful people as gods. The fences divide the 12 parts of the Arboretum, but also the 12 parts of the world; they all meet here: this is the transport hub. The truth dissolves some of the illusions they cast, to limit me. And all but one of them are attributable to gods I can name. One goddess put a compulsion on me, but I don't know her name or her region, and to undo a spell you must name the one who bound you. I have two clues: she was from a nocturnal segment, and I saw her for a moment in the Arboretum before she faded out, so I know how she looks. Six slices are nocturnal, only half of those are ruled by women... One protests: "It's full day, in the Arboretum park, and no one's about. Two monsters hit, fragment, and spawn disks ten meters high, rolling on edge around the beach, slowly losing momentum, spiraling inwards and toppling with a sonic boom, to smash anything beneath them and popping eardrums for yards around. My mother's rule, "Don't hurt anyone's feelings" is cursing me as it cursed her. "Just enjoy flirtation and compliments without obligation." But I don't. They just don't want too many shamans clogging up the flyways, so to speak. only those who can free themselves of the spells become true shamans, free to wander the worlds. NOCTURNAL: SHAKEDOWN The nocturnal segment "north" of ours. Nocturnal lands have just as much sun as diurnal ones have night. So it's a sunny day, and all should be quiet, sleeping. But still I'm wary, and lead our group along silently. And I feel his disgust for me--a blind pompous blimp, a kind fat dull cow corraled by sympathy, all self-respect tamed away... All wrong inland too--a low plain, not sculpted by erosion and wind as a desert would be, yet not a plant for miles. We dodge back and forth, trapped in a maze of moving steel.

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