Linux nis not updating map make

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However, most Linux distributions aren't ready “out of the box” to share configuration file information. The Network Information Service (NIS) is a system originally invented by Sun Microsystems for distributing shared configuration files seamlessly across a network.

Files such as /etc/passwrd and /etc/group become more and more difficult to maintain by hand as the number of machines grows beyond two or three.

While schemes other than NIS exist for keeping files synchronized, they are generally “hacks” involving and leave much to be desired in the way of flexibility.

[[email protected] yp]# make passwd Updating passwd.byname... YPBINDPROC_DOMAIN: Domain not bound Could not read ypservers map: 3 Can't bind to server which serves this domain YPPUSH: Cannot open /var/yp/yp/passwd.byname make: [passwd.byname] Error 1 (ignored) Updating passwd.byuid...

You always should look at the Makefile and edit the Options at the beginning of the file.

There was one big change between ypserv 1.1 and ypserv 1.2. This means you have to call makedbm always with the -c option if you create new maps.

After adding press CTRL D to save, confirm by pressing y] Now once again restart all these service this time there should be no error Before you start client configuration we suggest you to check proper connectivity between server and client. If you can successfully login via telnet then try to mount /rhome/nis1 directory via nfs server.

Once you have completed the necessary steps follow this guide. ypserv, cach, nfs, make, ypbind, portmap, xinetd check them if not found then install Now check nfs,ypserv,yppasswdd,ypbind, portmap, xinetd service in system service it should be on Now open /etc/sysconfig/network file Set hostname and NIS domain name as shown here and save file Now create a user named nis1 and give his home directory on /rhome with full permission Now open /etc/exports file share /rhome/nis1 directory for network save this with :wq and exitnow open /var/yp/Makefile file and locate line number 109 [ use ESC : set nu command to show hidden lines or read our vi editor article to know more about vi command line option ] Now remove other entry from this line excepts passwd group hosts netid \ [as shown here] save this with :wq and exit Now restart these service Don't restart ypbind service at this time as we haven't updated our database Now change directory to /var/yp and run make command to create database now update this database by running this commands [ first add server and then add all client machine one by one.Make sure, you are using the new The "version 1" line could be missing, depending on the ypserv version and configuration you are using.It is only necessary if you have old Sun OS 4.x clients. On the master, run to install the host as NIS slave. If you have bigger problems, you could start ypserv and ypbind in debug mode on different xterms. If you need to update a map, run make in the directory on the NIS master.In the second part of this section, we'll see how to use alternate map source files and source code control systems with NIS.distinguished by their ability to effect permanent changes to NIS maps.

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