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A source in the report stated that Mamta has changed her name and it's difficult to identify her as well.

Anyways, after all these years, it's good to hear about the glam girl of the '90s.

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Luke Evans reprises his role from Fast & Furious 6 (2013) as Owen Shaw, Deckard’s younger brother who formerly opposed Dom’s team in Europe, and who helps his brother in rescuing Dom’s son.

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Depuis plus d’une semaine au Beach Ngobila, à Kinshasa en RDC, les femmes de moins de 40 ans n’ont plus droit de se rendre dans la capitale de la République du Congo, Brazzaville, de l’autre côté du fleuve.She had dodged plenty of armed killers while starring in classic TV series Hart To Hart and The Girl From U. She is the sort of global adventurer who can say, “On a trip to India after I had been playing polo on elephants in Nepal, my mother decided to have a diamond put in her nose at the age of 80,” and equally happily confide: “I make my own compost.” Yet Stefanie Powers is all Hollywood glamour: a svelte and vivacious redhead who looks decades younger than her years, every inch a star. “I’m never going to do any hand or nail commercials,” she admits. One never knows.” Powers, who finished filming two TV movies that will come to British screens in 2015, is an intriguing mix of Hollywood aristocracy with her jet-setter insouciance and down-to-earth conservationism. “They didn’t get the horns because they were finally chased off but poaching is a serious problem,” she says. “When you hear a rat-a-tat-tat from AK-47s and you only have a shotgun you’re not going out,” says the actress. Poachers came to our ranch with AK-47s and murdered them.” But Powers finally summoned the courage to confront the poachers with a handful of her staff.

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