Dating antique horseshoes

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These all have legs, feet, and other elements common to this style as noted below.

Marking a shift toward elegance and refinement in American furniture manufacture, Queen Anne style pieces were the first to incorporate the curving cabriole leg.

Queen Anne is lighter and less chunky in appearance in comparison to earlier furniture, exhibiting a change in taste in the early 1700s.

There are some quintessential examples of Queen Anne styling, however, including highboys, lowboys, and the Hogarth chair, as mentioned by Frank Farmer Loomis IV in .

They belonged to my Great Uncle Percy Brown who lived in Southend-on-Sea.

In the early twentieth century my uncle went to the USA to gain some experience of a different life before settling down to be a master tailor like his father.

At first blush, a thimble would appear to have little prospect of being anything more than a functional object designed to make hand stitching an easier, and safer, activity.

Thimbles are small, so they leave scant space for embellishment, and their working end is almost always pocked and pitted.

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The pad foot is the most common found on Queen Anne pieces, but spade and trifid feet were used as well.

OK, this isn’t exactly a John le Carré story – it is, however an interesting glimpse into someone’s life…

I recently bought a collection of cowboy / western gear – it’s always intriguing to wonder how it ended up here in the south west of England. “To the purchaser of these cowboy reins, stirrups and spurs.

Among the most legendary are the Fabergé thimbles from the 19th century.

Some of these had polished agates or other types of semi-precious stones set in their tops.

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